Being a good enough parent involves loving our children but also caring for ourselves so that we have the energy to show our children how much we love them.

We need to feel energetic enough to enjoy the good moments as well as meet the challenges and responsibility of being a parent.

Every day, try and take at least 10 minutes and do at least ONE of the following to de-stress and look after yourself:

  • Notice if you are comparing yourself unfavourably to other parents – And Don’t!
  • Acknowledge what you have done well – There is always something.
  • Do something pampering and indulgent for yourself – You deserve it.
  • Do nothing – Take time out to relax
  • Connect with someone – Phone a friend for a chat
  • Celebrate your successes – No matter how small
  • Look after yourself – Make the appointment that keeps going to the bottom of your To Do list
  • Have fun – Do something that challenges you and makes you feel alive.
  • Ask for help – Accept support from others.
  • Take risks – Arrange to do something you have always wanted to but haven’t had the confidence to.