Our psychologists can help in a number of ways:

KindleKids child psychologists specialise in helping parents, children and teenagers to better understand and cope with complicated feelings, improve difficult relationships and learn practical skills to feel more content, confident and in control. The KindleKids child psychologist will work with together with you to set up an appropriate treatment plan which is goal directed and evidence based. Families will initially be offered a package of up to four sessions which can be extended as appropriate. The number of sessions required will vary according to each family’s need.

Individual Therapy

Our psychologists offer a range of evidence based individual therapy that is specific to the age, level of understanding and particular difficulties of each child. Therapeutic support is available for children and adolescents experiencing a range of difficulties including emotional and behavioural difficulties, family difficulties, social difficulties, school difficulties, neurodevelopmental concerns and those experiencing developmental difficulties.

Play Therapy

For younger children, our child psychologists offer play therapy where the use of toys, drawings, stories and other mediums help your child to identify, explore and express their feelings. Because children often do not verbalise things in the same way as adults, play provides a non-threatening way for them to communicate.  Play therapy involves understanding and expressing feelings as well as developing appropriate strategies to manage difficult feelings.

Talking Therapy

For older children and adolescents we offer a range of talking therapies which are chosen depending on the nature of your child’s difficulties and tailored to their particular circumstances and developmental level.

Adolescence is both an exciting and challenging time.  At this time, your child may be negotiating many physical, hormonal and emotional changes as well as making his or her own significant choices for the first time.  The developmental tasks of this stage of life involve both figuring out who one is and finding their own unique identity, while at the same time trying to ‘fit in’ and ‘stand out’ simultaneously.  It is a minefield for undermining confidence and some teenagers need extra support at this time. Our psychologists are experienced at engaging and supporting teenagers of all ages.


We offer specialist parenting advice and support for a range of issues including behaviour management, encouraging independence and enhancing self-confidence.

Consultation to Schools

Our child psychologists are experienced with working in schools. We offer consultation and training to schools on a variety of topics and for specific case management issues.