Frequently Asked Questions

A private child psychologist is a qualified child psychologist offering services to the public. At KindleKids, every private child psychologist is an experienced clinical psychologist and a member of the British Psychological Society and the Health Professions Council. A clinical psychologist is a doctorate level clinician providing assessment and treatment of developmental or mental health issues. The assessment and treatment methods used by clinical psychologists are evidence based in scientifically validated research.

Prior to booking your appointment with a private child psychologist in our team, please contact us via e-mail or telephone to arrange a free telephone consultation to discuss whether we would be the appropriate service for your needs. Due to the high number of calls that we receive, we will aim to return any calls or messages that we receive within 48 hours.

We aim to help as many families as possible, but due to the high demand for our services, we are not always able to offer immediate support. You are welcome to contact us to check our availability and waiting times for appointments, if any.

If you are not wanting to wait and believe that practical strategies may be helpful to support your child, have a look at out course focusing on the Psychology of Wellbeing and Emotional Resilience that is offered as an online course. .

In the first appointment, one of our psychologists will usually meet with you without your child to get an understanding of your concerns and to assess how we can be of help. We will talk to you about your concerns and try and understand the difficulties that you and your child are experiencing. We will then work with you to develop a plan and make recommendations or offer advice for assessment, treatment, support or intervention for you and your child. During the first session a plan will be agreed which may or may not include further work with Leanne or one of our other qualified staff.

Your private child psychologist will discuss this with you in detail during your first appointment.
At KindleKids, we would like to make the services of a private child psychologist as affordable as possible. In exceptional circumstances, we are able to offer appointments at reduced rates, so if you need this to be considered, please mention it when you call.

  • Therapy, parent support and supervision are charged at a flat fee regardless of location.
  • Our assessment package is focused on both Clinical Psychology assessment and as well as Educational Psychology assessment. This is a highly specialist assessment that focuses on the whole child. Assessment fees reflect the expertise required to complete this assessment and are available on request.
  • It is possible to claim for some treatments through health insurance companies (subject to the individual policy).
  • Please telephone or e-mail to obtain information on the current fee structure for training, consultation or children’s services assessments.
  • Appointments not cancelled with 24 hours advance notice will be charged at full fee.
All of our staff are qualified psychologists bound by the British Psychological Society’s code of ethics. We will only share information with your permission, except where client or other individual is believed to be at risk of harm. Should this be the case, we will always endeavour to discuss our concerns with you prior to sharing information with third parties.