Step By Step Guide to Teach Your Child Life Skills for Mental Health

Tools to Manage Anxiety & Anger

Build Social Skills, Confidence and Resilience
8 Session Online Course

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Psychology of Wellbeing and Emotional Resilience

Due to the high demand for child psychologists and the difficulty accessing support for children and their families, I have developed a program focusing on the Psychology Of Wellbeing and Emotional Resilience (POWER). This program provides parents with practical strategies to equip children with essential life skills for managing emotions, developing confidence, socialising with others, and promoting general mental health and wellbeing. Concepts and strategies are presented in a fun and engaging way.

This course is suitable for:

    Parents who want to teach their children essential life skills for promoting good mental health.
    Parents who are unable to obtain direct support and want access to practical tips for improving their connection to their children, managing anxiety and anger, building confidence, improving social skills and encouraging psychological wellbeing and emotional resilience.
    Parents whose children are on a waiting list for support, and need some practical strategies in the meanwhile.

This program has been created based on my work as a clinical child psychologist working one to one with children, teens and their families over the past 20+ years. It is filled with effective practical strategies to help children (and their parents) think, behave and feel differently.

8 Session Course for Parents, Children & Teenagers

We cover the following:

  1. Essentials of Regulating Emotions, emotional wellbeing and connection
  2. Thinking about thinking – How our thoughts affect our wellbeing
  3. Understanding Stress and Taming Anxiety
  4. More strategies to understand and Manage Anxiety, including discussing sleep
  5. Unravelling and embracing Anger
  6. Kindling Confidence and building Resilience
  7. Successful Social Skills
  8. Understanding behaviour and Empowering Parents.

The fee for the full 8-session program is £180

This course is worth in excess of £1100 but I am passionate about helping parents obtain the support that they need. For this reason, I have significantly discounted the course. Parents describe that the strategies that they learn are extremely helpful to both them and their children, and I am offering the entire 8 sessions to parents at the cost of one hour of therapy with me. I hope that this makes the innovative support that this course offers more affordable and more accessible to more families.

The course consists of 8 sessions, one released online every week, and each session is accompanied by step-by-step engaging worksheets to download.

Book today to equip your child with the foundations of positive mental health, the confidence to tackle everyday issues, and the resilience to manage life’s challenges.

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I have found this course really enlightening and I have been surprised at how much of it is applicable to my life and my family. I have learnt so much and feel that Leanne has a wonderful expertise in this field. By doing this course ( as opposed to taking my child to a therapist ) I am now able to offer support myself, model behaviour and improve communication with my children . I didn’t realise I could be so instrumental in helping my children with the difficulties they face, and I feel almost privileged to be sharing this journey with them now. Leanne has given me more confidence to be able to help my children manage their anxiety in a healthy way, and to ultimately encourage them to be the best that they can be. Thank you!

Claire, children 9 & 13
The POWER course is packed with valuable insights, clever analogies and practical strategies for helping children cope with anxiety, anger and social challenges. In particular, the course helped me, as a parent, better understand my children. I connected with the gentle approaches for encouraging communication and optimism. Thank you!
Nili, children 9 & 12
The POWER course highlighted the vital elements underpinning emotional wellbeing and offered really useful strategies and techniques to bring about positive change. Leanne presents a comprehensive guide to understanding a child’s anxiety, underlining the fundamental role that parents play in both building a calmer environment and facilitating a more resilient mindset for children. A valuable resource for parents to retain, revisit and incorporate into the everyday care of children’s mental health.
Naomi, children with ASD and ADHD aged 16 & 13
This course has been a most amazing experience. I have found it extremely informative and helpful in helping me support my kids through their challenges.
The course was concise, visual and most importantly practical. I have come away feeling empowered with unique strategies and tools that actually work. I can not recomend Leanne and her course highly enough!!
Shelly, parent to 13, 11, 8 and 4 year old